Campus Management Software

Campus Management Software ( Comprehensive Automated Software for educational institutions )
With continuous growth in admissions and consequent increase in employee numbers, it becomes difficult to handle various tasks manually. For proper exchange of information between various departments, most of the educational institutes realize the need of technically sound educational management system. On realization, most of them have designed, developed and started implementing in-house ERP

While implementing the ERP educational institutions and universities have faced several challenges in terms of;

  • Maintaining software & IT Infra
  • Recurring cost of in-house support team
  • Cost incurred due to technology upgradation
  • Increasing training cost
  • Unwillingness of few staff to do additional data punching work
  • Improper data feedings resulting in mismatch of strategic reports etc.

Because of this higher maintenance and support cost, most of the institutions have stoped using the full functionality of ERP system and started using the traditional method

What we offer?

  • We offer ZERO capital investment ERP system to your Institution / University
  • We will maintain and manage the software and main / data server’s
  • We will also deploy our tech-person at your campus.
  • We will continuously upgrade the system as per the requirement and provide training at no additional cost to stake holders

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