Career Assessment Centre

Career Assessment Centre ( For selecting the RIGHT Career PATH )
Career Assessment Centres will provide online assessment. These centres will have multi assessment tools on single platform to address this inequity by helping students & learners to understand their aptitudes and potentials, based on which they can make informed decisions on higher education. However, with the objective of creating awareness within students / parents fraternity about need of career assessment for selecting right career path.

Objectives of CAC

  • To help students realize their potential.
  • To equip students with appropriate skills and techniques required to study better with directive effort.
  • To assist / guide students in Career Decision making.
  • To provide required information on desired careers.

Benefits of CAC (For students)

  • Awareness of their strengths and developmental needs
  • Awareness about various careers other than conventional ones
  • Gain self-confidence as they know what they are doing.
  • Face the outside world with confidence and high self esteem

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