E-Marking ( The Most Secured DIGITAL Assessment Process )

This concept will enable us to provide technological solutions for examination evaluation system. The switch to online assessment will reduce cases of malpractice and increase transparency. Digital evaluation means lower human interference. Once papers are scanned, there will be no physical copies piled next to examiners. Papers will be sealed as soon as they are scanned. This would mean fewer cases of malpractice and increased efficiency & transparency. Results could be announced in 15-20 days.

Scope of the work

  • Deploying the physical infrastructure (hardware - PC's and Scanners) at your premises. (Institutions will provide dedicated & secure scanning centre.)
  • Deploying required trained manpower for scanning purpose.
  • Scanning the answer sheets and uploading to the central server of your institution.
  • Post scanning documentation and process management.
  • Training & orientation to examiners with demo evaluation process.
  • Creating secured login credentials for certified examiners.
  • On-site support services for smooth functioning.
  • Post completion of live marking, marks are exported for preparing results in multiple formats
  • Results can be compiled as per the structure provided by the awarding body.
  • All marked answer scripts are archived in Document Management System for long term preservation

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