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While today's environment has given rise to a multitude of career choices that did not exist a mere decade ago. Increased competition has made the task of choosing a career that much more difficult. Career decisions are no longer a hit-and-miss or stick- to -the- traditional-jobs approach.

Understanding this Edu Resources has devised an innovative range of Student Solutions. We have combined assessment, counselling and development oriented solutions with modern technology interventions. From facilitating right career choice to enhancing cognitive skills, academic skills and life skills, Edu Resources has a solution for all students. Our assessment products include interest and personality inventories, aptitude and competence tests. The content and norms have been designed for the South Asian social and cultural milieu.

To meet this objective, Edu Resources has developed CADC in institutions to help promote student growth and improve the quality of life of the students.


  • To set up a comprehensive Career Development/Student Development center to help students realize their potential.
  • To equip students with appropriate skills and techniques required to study better with less effort.
  • To help students overcome stress, improve memory and be successful in exams.
  • To assist/guide students in Career Decision making.
  • To provide required information on desired careers.
  • To equip students with appropriate skills and techniques required to do well in the outside world and world of work.

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